Monday, 8 December 2014

Royal Brunei vegan airline meal

On my London to Melbourne 24 hour journey I ordered vegan to be safe- the fruit platter I got on an Emirates flight was covered in milk chocolate so I couldn't actually eat it and ended up on a 12 hour journey fasting until the flight attendant saved the day and got me some of the first classes leftover fruit platters which were milk chocolate free. Legend. Air hosts/hostesses deserve so much respect and when you are sweating after being in transit for so long they seem like Demi gods floating above the fussy passengers (me) and the stink (me again).

Anyway what. I was getting at was that the vegan meals were actually ones I would eat at home- they don't do a dairy and gluten free option so I was smug that I brought some oatcakes from England to munch alongside the hot food. 

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